Class Descriptions

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Babies Class (under 9 months)

This class is designed for first time Music Together® participants who want an introduction to Music Together in a babies only environment. Songs and activities are geared toward non-mobile babies. Available by request.

Mixed Ages (Newborn-5 yr)

Research has shown that young children learn best in a mixed-age group. We feel that this class creates a family-like atmosphere in which parents and children feel more comfortable.

Instrument Play (5 to 7 years)

This class lays the foundation for basic music literacy.
Classes will have structured activities such as conducting, game songs, solo and ensemble experiences, improvisation, movement, music reading-readiness, solfege and hands on experiences with instruments such as yukele, recorder, violin, and piano.
The activities are designed to satisfy both the fun-loving and challenge-ready natures of 5, 6, and 7 year-olds and provide opportunities for leadership, confidence building, and social interactions with peers.

Zumba class for families

Teacher Nicole will lead a Zumba class appropriate for parents and children of all participation levels - babies strapped on, children following along, and even parents who want to come without their children.

This is not a Music Together class. Nicole is a trained Zumba teacher, with many years of experience of leading dance for families with children.

Screen Free Classes
In this class, our experienced teacher, Nicole, leads you through her class with singing,  large movement, and intimate lap songs. Activities with egg shakers, scarves, and  sticks are described and use of the Maracas songbook will be incorporated. 
We will provide an introduction video for new families which will demonstrate typical activities, and explain the philosophy of our program and how to implement it at home.
With your order you will receive MP3 files for 3 different class lessons covering all 25 songs, the Maracas Materials of a song book with a code for the online Family Music Zone, a CD (as well as egg shakers, sticks, and scarves for use with the classes while supplies last). Rhythm instruments for family Play-a-Long, kitchen instruments, and music for
 the free dance will be supplied by you.
Mixed Age socially distanced (stage 2 B)

Socially Distanced (2B) Mixed Age Class 

Instrument Play socially distanced (2B)

Outdoors, socially distanced Instrument Play class

Babies Class, Outdoor, Socially Distanced

A delightful class for precrawling babies (under 9 months), to build meaningful relationships between parents and babies in the context of music. Songs and activities learned in class transfer seamlessly to the home environment, giving parents tools for engaging musically with baby while changing diapers, bathing, taking a walk, and settling down for sleep - and don't forget dancing together in the livingroom! Recommend as a one session class as an introduction to the Mixed Age classes.